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BALANCER-MK4 Frigowall Stainless Steel Closed Box Trailers
#Rubber endstop extra hole
Item No. 11060164 In stock
MULTITEMP-ENDSTOP Frigowall Rubber Closed Box Trailers
1/3 Frigowall CPT Premium MK4
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FRIGOWALL 1/3 PREMIUM Frigowall 1/3 Premium 0.58 W/mk 43 mm 110 mm Glassfiber 70.00 kg Closed Box Trailers
1000kg Floor Deck Fitting
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50 1,000 0 kg Silver Zinc Plated (CR6 Free) 3801 Steel 0.47 kg Closed Box Trailers
1360kg Recessed Floor Deck Fitting
Item No. 14000748 In stock
50 1,360 0 kg Yellow Zinc Plated 32210 Steel 0.20 kg Closed Box Trailers
1801 Keyhole Garment Track 2400x155x1.5
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60.00 mm 0.00 mm 2400MM X 155MM X 1.5MM TopHat Keyhole-Panel Pre-Galvanized 1801 Steel 5.10 kg Closed Box Trailers
1805 2mm Stainless 430 Track 2993mm
Item No. 10010699 In stock
5.0 mm 2.0 mm 2,993 mm Light Duty Roof Track Glue No treatment 1805 Stainless Steel 3.25 kg Closed Box Trailers
1805 Zinc Clear 1.8mm Track 2993mm 25mm
Item No. 10009960 In stock
5.0 mm 1.8 mm 2,993 mm Light Duty Side Track Glue Zinc Clear 1805 Steel 2.82 kg Closed Box Trailers
1806 2mm Stainless 430 Track 280mm
Item No. 10011323 In stock
7.0 mm 2.0 mm 280 mm Medium Duty Side Track Glue No treatment ANTI-THEFT Stainless Steel 0.35 kg Closed Box Trailers