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Our Multitemp bulkheads or temperature separation walls are available as Fixed and Removable solutions. With our wide range of Multitemp solutions we are able to provide a solution for any kind refrigerated/conditioned transport. Reduce the amount of cooled air within the vehicle or be more efficient in the type of cargo that is transported. Frozen, cooled or dry cargo or a combination of these types of products can be combined within one vehicle. All solutions can be applied retrofitted.

Choosing the right Multitemp solution

By asking 3 important questions you can define what product suits you best. Every product can be customized to fulfill all your requirements. We have an online flow chart available in which you are able to select the right solution to your application.

Online in the webshop you will find a standard range of Multitemp solutions. If you are looking for a customized solution, please contact your local subsidiary. Together we are able to create the solution that perfectly fits your requirements!

Leading manufacturer of Multitemp solutions

Our team of engineers develop and manufacture each temperature controlled bulkhead ourselves. Our solutions excel in highest insulation values and lowest height restrictions. We guarantee the best performance in insulation, durability and handling to keep your vegetables, flowers, meat, dairy products or any other product under the best conditions.